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Company culture

Company culture


10 mottos of the company
 Article 1: Please remember: you are entering a company that emphasizes practical results, please use your performance to speak
 Article 2: If you want to leave, please bring your honor and bonus, we are your best certifier
 Article 3: Before you make a complaint, you should think about how good people do it under the same conditions
 Article 4: Companies will always like such people: Facing difficulties, there are reasons for analysis and more solutions.
 Article 5: Yesterday’s experience should not be an obstacle to today, you should keep learning and improving
 Article 6: There is only one value for the survival of sales staff: creating benefits for customers
 Article 7: Rejection is a commonplace meal for sales. Only if you are a high-quality spring, the repair ability will be the strongest
 Article 8: There are only four things in common among successful salespeople all over the world: like, self-confidence, savvy, and virtue
 Article 9: We ignore your diploma, background and experience, only your contribution proves your value
 Article 10: The Way of Customer Loyalty: Accuracy, Convenience, Partners, and Consultants
Corporate philosophy
 Enterprise spirit: truth-seeking, innovation, unity and high efficiency
 Value concept: environmental protection and high efficiency, get the rewards due
 Management philosophy: clear goals, efficient team, system incentives, pragmatic innovation
 Marketing concept: Reasonable integrity, thoughtful service, training and explanation, to achieve a win-win situation
 R & D philosophy: industry environmental protection orientation, market customer orientation, pioneering and innovative, and sincere team cooperation.
 Employment concept: people-oriented, encourage individuality, have both ability and political integrity, and morality first
 Service concept: timely and efficient, customer satisfaction
 Quality concept: Quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of an enterprise


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