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Metal cleaner for gravure copper layer

Metal cleaner for gravure copper layer



Special metal cleaning agent for gravure copper layer

product description
Copper layer cleaning agent is the latest research and development of our company, specifically for copper layer cleaning products. The cleaning agent is made of imported raw materials, mainly composed of anionic, non-ionic surfactants, high-efficiency detergents and roughening agents. It can not only effectively remove grease, but also roughen the surface of the workpiece to a certain extent, and improve the subsequent coating and coating The bonding force of the copper layer will also improve the service life of the functional coating to a certain extent.
Scope of application
It is suitable for the removal of surface pollutants on copper and copper alloy workpieces in industries such as electroplating, painting, electronics, and machinery manufacturing.
The product consumption is small and the use cost is low.
The oil removal speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
Easy to use and simple to operate.
The surface of the workpiece is roughened to a certain extent, and the adhesion of subsequent coatings is improved.
After being dissolved in water, the PH is weakly alkaline, and there is no corrosion to the surface of the workpiece.
It has the ability to slightly grind the surface of the copper layer, which can effectively remove the rust of handmarks and watermarks, and improve the local quality defects of subsequent coatings.
It does not contain difficult-to-decompose organic matter, is easy to treat wastewater, and is economical and environmentally friendly.
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