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Hard chrome plating additive VOP-Cr873


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镀铬 VOP-Cr873
镀铬 VOP-Cr873

Hard chrome plating additive VOP-Cr873

Wien Hard Chromium Expert
German Wien Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has rich experience in the development, production and sales of chemical products. Especially in the field of chromium plating on metal surfaces, we provide the most advanced third-generation new high-efficiency hard chromium plating process product VOP-Cr873 series in the world. At the same time, VOP-Cr873 series special hard chromium plating process is provided for chromium plating of crystallizer copper tubes and copper plates. German Volkswagen designated raw material supplier。
Mainly used for hard chrome plating of functional outer walls
SA is used when opening the cylinder, and SR is used for extra time when making up
Process characteristics
1. Current efficiency: up to 25% or more;
2. Deposition speed: the fastest 1 micron/min (under the best operating conditions such as 55A/dm.+);
3. Hardness of chrome plating layer: up to 1100HV;
4. The chrome-plated layer is smooth, bright and finely crystallized. Good binding force;
5. Micro-crack chromium layer, excellent plating ability;
6. High corrosion resistance and good wear resistance;
7. It does not contain fluoride and does not corrode the anode.
Process parameters:
  standard range
Chromic Anhydride 250g/L 220-280g/L
Acid ratio 100:1.1 100:1-1.2
Trivalent chromium 3g/L 2-5g/L
VOP-873SA 250ml/L 15-30ml/L(Open cylinder)
VOP-873SR 75ml/LkgCrO3 50-100ml/LkgCrO3
Current density 55A/d㎡ 50-60A/d㎡
Temperature 58℃ 56-60℃
Scope of application

1.Printing plate making, printing and mechanical cylinders;

2.Shock absorbers, piston cylinders and various cast cylinder blocks;

3.Various copper and iron pipe outer wall electroplating;

4.Square and round billet crystallized copper tubes and copper plates;



Hard chrome plating additive VOP-Cr873
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